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What is the way to avoid Covid-19 or Corona virus by relaxing the lock down?

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travel of garment workers during corona virus

Experts say maintaining social distance is the biggest way to survive the corona virus or Covid-19. If you can maintain social distance, you will be able to survive from Kovid-19 or Corona virus to a great extent. Social distance is maintaining a physically safe distance from one person to another. The distance from one person to another should be at least 1 meter.

Lockdowns are currently being relaxed in many countries around the world. How much social distance will it be possible for people to maintain in this situation. Especially the countries that are densely populated. Especially in the way garments, shops, supermarkets and office-courts are being opened in Bangladesh, it will be very difficult to maintain social distance.

The World Health Organization says some habits need to be developed to prevent coronavirus outbreaks or infections.

One of these habits is to wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Because if you wash your hands with soapy water, it kills the germs in your hands. For the same reason, if you do not have soap and water, you are advised to use alcohol-rich hand rub or sanitizer.

The next step is to maintain social distance. That means maintaining a distance of 1 meter or 3 feet from one to the other. If the social distance is maintained, the droplets that come out of the sneeze-scissors of others and spread the germs cannot infect the other.

The World Health Organization has also advised to avoid crowds. Because of the crowd, it is not possible to maintain a social distance of 1 meter. This has the potential to come in contact with or close to each other. So if someone in the crowd has the corona virus, others may also be infected.

We need to pay attention to a few more things, especially the etiquette of laughing and coughing. Laughter – When coughing, you must cover your face with a handkerchief, tissue or elbow. It is possible to get rid of Kovid-19 by washing the hands and face with soap and water by throwing away the tissue after coughing. In particular, it is possible to get rid of the corona virus by protecting the etiquette of coughing.

The following are the steps we can take in this situation to ease the lockdown in different countries of the world, including Bangladesh.

1.   Proper use of masks:

Proper Use of masks

You must wear a mask when going to public places or crowds. There is no substitute for a mask. In this case, the best is the N-95 mask. Especially when doctors treat a Kovid-19 patient, he has to use N-95 mask. Those who do not have an N-95 mask can use two or three surgical masks at a time. It can also be used to make masks with three layers of cloth. When using a mask, make sure that your nose or nostrils are not open. There is no benefit in using a mask if the nose or nostrils are open. Care must be taken to prevent air from entering the mask.

It is better to use the mask once and discard it. For those who are unable to use the new mask repeatedly, they need to wash the mask daily with soapy water and change it very quickly.

2.  Wash hands as often as possible from start to finish:

The best way to stay out of the house is to be as careful as possible, maintaining social distance. If this is not possible you should wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible. Many offices, shops, garments and other places now have hand washing facilities with soap, using these you must wash your hands with soap and water.

Do not touch your nose, mouth and eyes in any way without washing your hands.

3. Soap bath:

Just wash your hands, face and clothes. To prevent corona virus infection, the whole body should be bathed with soap after coming from outside. You cannot come in contact with other family members before taking a bath.

Maintain a distance of 3 feet from the sick and elderly members of the family.

4.  Wash clothes with soap:

Soak your clothes in soapy water for half an hour. Then need to be washed. Even the pair of shoes you wear must be washed with soapy water. You have to wash everything above and below the shoes. Keep shoes out of the house.

5.  Use PPE, glasses and gloves:

However, Mushtaq Hossain says it is not necessary to wear gloves or PPE (personal protective clothing) when going out. Because if you wear gloves and change it and can’t wear another one, it won’t protect you.

Mushtaq Hossain said that it is much safer to wash hands with soap and water. The same goes for wearing PPE or personal protective clothing.

Shahnila Ferdous said that since coronavirus enters the body through the eyes, one should wear Zero Power glasses as part of the precaution to prevent it. This will keep the eyes away from the droplets, he said.

According to him, those who do not have to work like transporting, burying or treating a person infected with Covid-19 do not need to wear PPE or personal protective clothing.

Finally, we need to be personally aware of how to prevent coronavirus infection. If we need to follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization in addition to personal awareness, then it may be possible for us to be protected from the coronavirus.


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