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Slots from Booongo Gaming


This is a little heartthrob that beats to the rhythm of a soundtrack that will simply make you happy. Even in the deepest darkest hole, you will be reminded of the joy.

The theme is completely crazy. Aliens land on Earth, far away from the American megalopolis, but in the heart of a wild and deserted region devoid of any trace of man, but inhabited by kangaroos.

Far from all the science fiction scenarios, you are in a slot machine that answers to the name of Kangaliens.

We are spoiled. You who read us regularly know that the creativity of a slot machine is essential to us.  Kangalians allows us to escape from burning houses, sanitised casino fantasies and mythological clichés. Not that our publisher doesn’t have them, but what a joy it is to find a bit of good spirit and good vibes in an online slot machine.  The graphics are well done and feed the comic universe of this slot.

As for the technical aspects of the game, it is a 5 reel slot with 25 paylines and 3 rows. The E.T is the Wild and the kangaroo is the Scatter. Three kangaroos and the free spin is triggered with a multiplier that can reach 500 times your bet:

Poisoned Apple

Poisoned Apple? What does that name conjure up? Snow White or a quest from the video game Oblivion? Snow White of course.  The children’s heroine comes to visit your dreams of good fortune as a grown-up. Poisoned Apple was born in 2017 and offers a well known universe, but totally dusted off by Booongo Gaming’s graphics. As you will have understood, your objective is to defeat the evil queen to rob her of her treasure. Fortunately the seven dwarfs are there to guide you through this mysterious forest with its strange inhabitants. And again, the sound is superb in a game that looks like a cartoon interspersed with great animations.

With 5 reels, 4 rows and 20 paylines filled with enchanting figures, you can discover richly endowed hidden missions.

In conclusion, Booongo Gaming is a true creative studio. The immersion is total and we can take our hats off to the sound atmosphere and the music of the slot machines produced by the publisher.  Booongo Gaming is a real discovery and we can’t wait to see it in our favourite casinos.